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Project, Operations, Event Management



Looking for help in your business but don't want the overheads of a member of staff?  This is where we come in.  Back in the office or working from home and need a another brain on board, body in your team, whether that's with organising, communication, meet a deadline, documentation, project management or events planning to name a few.   We will help you get things moving and get it done.  

We understand running your own business is no 9 to 5 job.  Often working late or at weekends to fit everything in.  If you feel that you're not getting that time with family and friends because of work.  Make this the last day of that.  Time is more precious that ever these days.  Get some of it back by getting us on board. 

As a local businesses you may need to feel connected to your area and where better to do that than to show them you are there, trusted and will provide a service like no other.  Get them coming back so get the freedom you need to expand, create, plan your next steps or just free up some time to do the things you want to do in you business.   


On the way we have also built some great relationships over the years with other businesses and have contacts for local printers, copyrighters, graphic designers, web developers and more for any of your business needs where you just don't know where to start looking.  We will take care of all that and be assured you will be working with some of the best local talent around.  

Say hello!  Let's have a chat.  It will be the best thing you do for you and your  business today. 



Hello!  I'm Frances and with over 20 years experience in the private sector working with airlines, blue chip companies, digital media, international clients, major global events, start up companies, charities and small businesses I founded Get Girl Friday in 2014 deciding to work for myself, manage my time and bring balance into my working and family life by offering business support services and management to other businesses.  With a little bit of help it can make such a difference to your life.  We work mainly remotely making it a cost effective for you and your business.


Flexible when it comes to what you need for your business.  We can get on board immediately.  With a high level of technical skills but not geeks (maybe geekish) we like working with humans! And with outstanding organisational and management skills we just love getting stuff done. 


We pride ourselves on our efficiency, professionalism, being trustworthy and ethical.  We treat everybody with the utmost respect which has earned us a reputation as people you want to work with and have on your team.

And we like a laugh while we are doing all this, who doesn't these days. 

Very open to meeting for coffee, will travel the length of the country for good coffee!  Or say hello by email, message or ring for a chat. 



phone: 07967 338 235

You did it! Thanks, we will be in touch.

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